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2020 Buyers Guide

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Looking for a Tech Gift this holiday season? Here are the things I have my eye on and are worth considering.

Amazon Fire Tablet


Video Overview on how to debloat:

Cell Phones


Both PinePhone and XDA Pro1-X are Linux phones and may not be practical for everyday use unless you load Lineage or a solid mobile OS on it, but man are they fun to play with.

Google 4a is the practical choice and is a rock solid phone that comes unlocked to where you can wipe out Google and move to Lineage for those security and privacy oriented folks. This is the best value in my opinion.





Why Razer? Did they pay me or something? Nope!
Razer has a bunch of cool features, but also has a great open source project called OpenRazer for any operating system. You can do all kinds of fun macros with them and I picked these two above because they are rather quiet and I hate noise. Most people would prefer a full mechanical and if you are interested in this check out the project above and pick a compatible device for your needs!

Logitech Options

3 Device Switching Keyboard and Mouse


studio tour
Note: YouTube Video - Hold Ctrl + Left Click to open in new window

Audio/Video Production Stuff

Here is Equipment I use for A/V and recommend to others. Below is a video going over my entire studio setup, but I left out the impractical gear that many wouldn’t want.

studio tour
Note: YouTube Video - Hold Ctrl + Left Click to open in new window

Computers and Graphics Cards


Good Luck! All the stock out there is way out of date and any of the new hotness is Out of Stock. Wait til 2021!

But… If you want to see something cool for a laptop in 2020, check out this “little” machine. #NotSponsored

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