3CX Version 20 Update

3CX just released version 20 of its PBX telephone system. 3CX has been my favorite phone system that I’ve setup at multiple businesses. Let’s explore version 20!

New Admin Console

All-in-One Admin/Client URL. Version 20 also uses a condensed URL to make it easier to remember. The entire system moves on-prem Debian 10 to 12 and is a huge change.

Changes in Administration

  • SIP Trunk location moved
  • Department Hours added no longer global
  • DID routing is now done at the destination (Extension, Ring Group, Digital Receptionist, etc.)
  • Queues, Ring Groups, and Digital Receptionists can all be assigned independent holidays and hours of operation.

New Features

  • Windows Softphone (Microsoft Store)
  • Google Transcription Update (New API)
  • Split DNS (Enhanced security and faster on-prem phones) - Hairpin NAT Support Required
  • Improved Reporting (Call logs are improved)
  • 2FA Added
  • Ability to monitor quality of calls

Call Processing Scripts

You can now create custom scripts that route calls based on time, caller id, and a lot more variables. I’ll leave a link below if you want to explore this, but programming specific phone numbers, or numbers with a certain country code and area codes to groups of agents can be huge for businesses.

Source: https://www.3cx.com/docs/manual/call-processing-script/

New APIs

The update also brings new API access for both the system configuration and client configuration. Each has a new set of calls they will take and you can extract user information to your app or even website.

Before You Move

3CX Setup Videos

Walkthrough Video