Windows 22H2 has Problems

I’ve had a ton of bug reports from 22H2. DO NOT UPDATE to this first Windows 11 update.

The Nature of Updates and Security

Security is a journey, not a destination - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The instinct for any Journalist, YouTuber, Media Personality, or Technical Writer to make a sensational title. This one could be “Windows 22H2 is a Nightmare and it will steal the DNA from your babies.”

That would get a stupid amount of views and ad revenue, but it wouldn’t teach you anything. Instead we need to understand the nature of update and with that knowledge, we will be better computer users.

Any system that updates frequently will have bugs. Fix two bugs… One more appears. This is the nature of computing.

Microsoft Known Issues and Updates

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Issues on 10-22-2022

Issues update on 10-31-2022

Should you Update?


Being on the newest release of anything can be fun and dealing with new shining features is a blast, but it comes with a cost. You will experience issues and more “known issues” will appears as more and more users adopt it. Microsoft doesn’t have a good quality control department and I wait AT LEAST 1 year after feature updates hit the market before upgrading. For my Windows instances, I wait 2 years.

Is Windows Bad at Updates?

This isn’t a yes or no answer, but the more complex and old a system is, the greater margin for errors to occur. The foundation of Windows hasn’t drastically changed in decades and this makes updating the platform a monumental task for even the mammoth corporation that is Microsoft.

Microsoft has some talented employees, but it takes time to add polish and with new feature updates pushed out the door every 6 months… Expect this to be a trend for ALL future feature updates.

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