Best Browser Extensions

These extensions make life easier when using a browser.

The List


Authenticator is great for simple two factor, but I wouldn’t use this for a bank account. These 2FA codes are synced to the cloud for convenience.

Click and Clean will clean our history, cache, and much more. The built in browser cleaning and history management isn’t good. This makes it a complete solution for security, privacy, and maintenance.

Password Manager is something everyone should use. I’ve used RoboForm for over 10 years and my personal recommendation for automation. Bitwarden is a bit newer and some features like FIDO keys which make also makes it a strong choice. Both password manager offer easy export and import of ALL passwords, which is a vital feature when you use these services to avoid getting “locked in”.

Note: Roboform is currently running a 50% off sale via the link above for Cyber Monday/Black Friday and generally provide a 30% off link after.

The one thing I caution you against is using All-In-One password managers, like McAfee, Nord, and others. The bundles you get will lock you in to their password managers that can hold you hostage if they have breaches and you want to move on.


Checker Plus perfect heads up calendar display with easy add for incoming events.

Get RSS Feed URL will get those hidden RSS feeds for any website.

GoFullPage captures the ENTIRE webpage and can output it to a PDF or PNG for later use.

Midnight Lizard Dark mode and other color customizations.

Momentum is an essential extension for any brave browser user. Brave has one of the worst start screens with crypto ads and other BS that no one likes. This extension fixes that.

Notifier for GitHub shows GitHub notifications.

Web Highlights is a great way to highlight a page as you read, which helps your mind retain what you are reading, but also saves it into the logged in account which can be referred to later.

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