CTT Newsletter – October 2019

This is the first newsletter that I am sending out and is meant as a quick monthly recap of all the content that is provided. I don’t want to blow up your inbox with junk, but want to provide you extra value by linking tutorial guides and video playlists that may interest you. If you like this format and are not yet signed up, you can sign up at https://community.christitus.com/

BigDaddyLinux Interview

I had a great time chatting with Rocco from BDL and loved his interview style. I didn’t realize we talked for an hour and half, but had an absolute blast and will definitely jump in on some more of his live streams. Here is the interview:If you get a chance and want to see the other people he has interviewed, here is his YouTube channel and website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtZRKfyvx7GUEi-Lr7f4Nxg https://www.bigdaddylinux.com

Article 13 – European Union and YouTube

This is about Article 13 and Why it is actually great for YouTube as a company but will cause more censorship across the European Union. The main debate is holding the sharing platform liable for any damages sustained. YouTube is angling to say they are protecting copyright holders due to their Content ID system and might be able to corner the marketplace. There is a specific provision in Article 13 that I think Google will leverage and completely annihilate the competition.

Stellar Data Recovery Standard Review

This is a review of the Standard version of Stellar Data Recovery software. I go over the cost, performance, and result of the recovery. Features Recovers data from multiple devices Sorts devices by folder Photo, Video, and Documents restored in Standard Edition The features are good for the standard edition, and I have nothing bad to say about what is included. I have used various other pieces of software and for this price point, I was happy with the feature set.

Install Plex plugin in FreeNAS

This is an in-depth installation and configuration of the Plex plugin in FreeNAS 11.2. I detail the installation of plex on FreeNAS Jail and configuration of using a share as a Plex mount point. Plex plugin in FreeNAS Steps Install Plex Plugin Under Plugins -> Availiable Set Static IP Interface em0 (or your interface name), Static IP for Plex Server, and Netmask (/24 is Stop Plugin Edit Plex Jail – Mount Point – Note: This is only used if you want a share to add movies to your plex from another computer Set Source Share (/mnt/sharename/) and Set Destination (I selected the media folder in the jail directory) Edit Plex Jail – Edit Confiuration Check VNET and Berkeley Packet Filter Set Default IPv4 Route to your Gateway or Router (Ex.

How To Change Cortana Search

This article goes over how to change Cortana search engine to display results in chrome instead of Microsoft Edge. Afterward, the second part requires you to install a chrome extension to search in Google instead of Bing. Check the links below for the source code to compile, download pre-compiled, or support the developer using Windows Store. Video Walkthrough Links from Video https://github.com/sylveon/SearchWithMyBrowser – GitHub Source and Compile Instructions https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9PPKNR9RK26R?ocid=badge – Windows Store Link from Developer https://www.

How to Setup FreeNAS 11

This article goes over how to setup FreeNAS 11 and configure it. These are the basic steps so you can have a reliable network storage at your house. Steps to setup FreeNAS 11 Download FreeNAS stable from http://www.freenas.org/download-freenas-release/ Create Thumb drive from iso and Win32DiskImager https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ Note: DO NOT use Rufus or Yumi as these won’t create a bootable thumb drive Install and Follow the Prompts Set Static IP Reboot Login to Web Interface with IP from Step 4 Set up Storage Pool Assign SMB Share Make sure allow guest access is checked Configure SMB Share Service Auto-Start and Enabled Configure Guest user to be root Test!

Guide: Using EOS Ledger App with Scatter Wallet

This video goes over using EOS Ledger App with Scatter Wallet. Within it shows how to add the EOS app to the ledger, generate ledger public key, create an account, and do transactions on the EOS blockchain using your ledger. Considerations Use a backup ledger in a secure location with the same seed words if you are storing a substantial amount of EOS. Ledger does not provide a private key and there is no tool to create a private key from your seed.

The Perfect htaccess for WordPress

This walks you through what your htaccess should look like in a WordPress Installation. I am a minimalist and believe you shouldn’t be using a ton of plugins that slow down your install when most of what you are looking to accomplish can be achieved with this file. Therefore, this htaccess will contain bad bot blocker, security optimizations, force https, and a variety of other optimizations. This will save you from installing about 5-10 plugins that would slow down your website.

The Complete Beginners Guide to Getting Started on the EOS Blockchain

This Guide shows you everything you need that will get started on the EOS blockchain. Creating Keys, wallet, account, and using dApps are all in this guide. The following videos will get you running EOS decentralized Apps. Watch all EOS Videos from YouTube via Playlist here: Instructional EOS Videos for beginnersFirst Video Install a Linux terminal in Windows 10 afterward we will be able to build EOS tools in here. This is important to do as you can’t compile EOS natively in windows.