Ultimate Windows 10 Install ISO
· ā˜• 3 min read

This goes over creating the best installation media possible for a fresh Windows 10

Windows 10 Optimization Guide
· ā˜• 4 min read

This guide goes over using a Custom ISO, Removing Windows 10 Components, and Optimizing Windows 10 Settings.

2020 Buyers Guide
· ā˜• 3 min read

Looking for a Tech Gift this holiday season? Here are the things I have my eye on and are worth considering.

Common Computer Issues
· ā˜• 5 min read

These are all the issues we discussed on a live stream. I took all the community questions and made this webpage for them.

Ultimate Windows Setup Guide
· ā˜• 3 min read

This guide will walk you through a fresh Windows installation and debloat the services, tasks, and apps that are running in the background.

Change your Desktop Wallpaper
· ā˜• 4 min read

This article shows you how to automatically change your wallpaper on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Debloat Windows 10 in 2021
· ā˜• 3 min read

This goes over debloating and slimming down Windows 10 so you get maximum performance from your PC.

· ā˜• 5 min read

This article goes over WSL 1 and 2 for Feature Update 2004. This will help you know which WSL you are currently using for any Linux installs on your PC.

Clean Up Windows 10
· ā˜• 2 min read · āœļø Chris Titus

In this article, we will clean up Windows 10. This will include debloat, startup maintenance, system tweaks, and privacy settings. These 3 stages are broken down below and will help maintain a healthy Windows 10 system. Iā€™d recommend re-running these steps every 6 months.