Raid Re-syncing Windows software raid

I want to preface this article in saying that I would never use a software raid in a business environment. However, recently I tried the windows software raid on a home theater PC. We recently had a power issue and caused the RAID 1 to go into resyncing status. Since it was about 2 TB of data, the resync would take several days and be causing performance issues. I found I could not break the raid or remove the mirror.

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Windows Store not loading (On Domain)

After joining my computer to the domain windows store would not load. I first had to re-enable UAC because of a GPO and that fixed launching the metro apps. I was still having the issue with Windows Store not loading and this fixed it.

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Windows Refresh PC Setting

Using Windows Refresh PC now solves the common problem, that PCs get infected with viruses and require you to either reload it from the disc or recovery partition. Sometimes people lost the disc, re-partitioned their drives, or simply had their hard drive fail. This leads to installing windows from scratch and hunting down all your drivers.

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