Moving to Twitch from YouTube in 2023… for project development and daily work.


This was not a monetary decision, YouTube will pay more than Twitch, but I have done enough YouTube videos to understand that my growth from a personal level will be limited with YouTube’s 3 videos a-week schedule. By moving to Twitch, I can live stream project work and not rely on finishing projects every 1-2 days to make videos. I can do larger projects and make more polished ones that aren’t rushed out before moving to the next video.


By focusing on one project for a week, a month, or more… I can grow my skills much faster and in a way that will benefit all, including myself.


YouTube pays me roughly $3000-$4000 in ad revenue per month pre-tax. Twitch is about $100 per month.

By switching, and reducing my YouTube content, I anticipate a 50%-70% reduction from YouTube, but Twitch would need to make $2000 a month to balance this out. I’m not sure if that is possible, but I can make this up in real life outside of social media if needed.

Youtube Future

I would have liked to keep everything on YouTube with live streams, but after looking at a year of doing that on YouTube, I would be better off doing nothing over there based on past performance. Its live streaming is not good from a broken chat moderation system, lack of features, and having live streams on youtube hurts video content on the same channel from doing it over 100 times.

For videos, I will only make a video once a project wraps up or has a major update. I won’t make a video to meet a quota or meet an arbitrary schedule. I’ll publish a video when there is major progress on a project from the Twitch streams.

Walkthrough Video