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Create iSCSI SR in XenServer

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This guide goes over how to Create iSCSI SR on Xen to connect to an iSCSI target. Here is the step-by-step and a video walkthrough, which includes setting up iSCSI in FreeNAS.


  • Multiple XenServers (2+) in a Pool
  • iSCSI target (Check out FreeNAS in the video below for setting one up)
  • At LEAST a gigabit environment


Step-by-Step Guide to Create iSCSI SR

  1. Open and Connect to XenCenter / XCP-ng Center
  2. Select Pool and Click New Storage
  3. Make sure iSCSI is selected
  4. Name Storage
  5. Select either provisioning methods
  6. Enter IP Address / Authentication (if needed) / Click Scan Target Host
  7. Pick IQN / LUN from your storage device
    • Note: When Selecting IQN_, make sure you select your SAN if you are using a dedicated network_
  8. Finish

Video Walkthrough

Note: YouTube Video - Hold Ctrl + Left Click to open in new window

In the end, we now have a centralized storage system that all our hosts can put their VMs on. This is key for using high availability, Xen Orchestra, and quick migrations. Remember to use the community-driven XenServer @, therefore you can get all the enterprise features of XenServer in your lab environment.

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