Debloat Windows in 2022

This goes over debloating and slimming down Windows 10 and 11 so you get maximum performance from your PC.

I made a guide going over the debloat process two years ago - The guide has evolved and the github project I was using has also improved. I’ve also made a newer post going over the all the changes @

April 2022 Update

  • Added new options to get Windows 10/7 Options in Windows 11
  • Service optimizations to reduce process count
  • Added more tweak settings and misc. fixes
  • GUI Redesign
  • new Github

New command!

iwr -useb | iex

July 2021 Update

If you are coming here from the YouTube video I have taken all the scripts below and a system admin script I used a lot in the past to make a streamlined debloat script. This script will optimize Windows and can be run multiple times if you have an update ruin all the optimizations. I have also made it very easy to launch. Here is the source files:

If you want to just run this on any system, you can easily copy and paste this into a Admin Powershell prompt and watch it do everything for you. It does have two prompts based on user feedback. Let me know what you think below!


iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

What this script can do

  • Installs any program listed that you click on using WinGet
  • Removed Telemetry
  • Disables Cortana
  • Deletes various schedules tasks that rebloat the system
  • Fixes problems that other scripts causes (lock screen and personalization options restricted)

Based on User feedback Microsoft Store and Windows Defender is no longer touched.

Toolbox Walkthrough Video

User Requested Restore Scripts

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

This restore script pops up a GUI that lets you restore what you want to FACTORY DEFAULTS!

Current Lineup:

  • Cortana
  • Tray Icons
  • Action Center

Old Methods from Prior Videos that I no longer use

The project I use has been developed for many years now and is extremely good. Here is the source github project I use:

This is a new project that was brought to my attention, but has quickly made a name for itself. It works very well and is typically more up to date than the above project.

Optimal Way to Use this Tool

I recommend running this tool under the following conditions:

  • Before User Profile is Created
  • Empty Desktop and Downloads (Past versions has deleted files from Desktop and Downloads)
  • After installing New Feature Updates

Recommended Options:

  • Disable Cortana
  • Uninstall OneDrive
  • Run Essential Tweaks

I generally always enable Dark Mode and Install 3.5 .NET but that is entirely my personal preference.