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Degoogle Apps

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This article goes over the apps that work and don’t work with a Degoogled phone without google play services installed

Aurora Store Apps (Google Play Store apks)

App Name State Warnings
Coinbase Works None
GoPro Works Google Services Error
Google Keep Notes Broken Google App
Google Maps Broken Google App
Google Photos Broken Google App
Kasa Broken Login Error
LastPass Broken Crash on Startup
Lichess Works None
Lyft Broken GPS and Google Error
Microsoft Outlook Works None
Patreon Works Google Services Error
Ring Works Google Services Error
Robinhood Works Google Services Error
SKED Works Google Services Error
SimpliSafe Works Google Services Error
Spotify Works None - Except On Initial Login
Starbucks Works Google Services Error
Steam Works None
Stride Works Google Services Error
Synology Drive Works None
Synology Memories Works None
Uber Broken GPS and Google Error
Yi Home Works None

**Note: Uber and Lyft can be used via mobile site. ex:

F-Droid Apps (Free and Open Source)

App Name Alternative To
Files Android Files
ImagePipe Google Photos
Import Contacts Google Contacts
Lemmy Reddit
NewPipe YouTube
OSMAnd Google Maps
OpenVPN for Android OpenVPN
Personal DNS Filtering None
Slide Reddit
Twidere Twitter
Twire Twitch

**Note: ImagePipe shrinks photos and does basic edits. I sync my photos with Synology Memories.

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