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Disable Outlook Anywhere in Group Policy Object (GPO)

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By default the standard outlk12.adm templates do not come with a configuration of Outlook Anywhere. You can configure the “Configure Outlook Anywhere user interface options” options to disable or grey out the settings. However, this DOES NOT disable Outlook anywhere, just user interaction with it.

You will need to download a new administrative template that Microsoft released in this [hotfix][5]. If you don’t like reading Microsoft’s wonderful support site instructions or Microsoft changes their support site after this blog post, here is the file and instructions paraphrased.

  1. Download Add-On Outlook Anywhere Administrative Template here…[article-961112][6] (unzip to reveal article-961112.adm file).

  2. In the Group Policy Object Editor add the Article-961112.adm file:

Right-click Administrative Templates and click Add/Remove Templates.

In the Add/Remove Templates dialog box click Add.

In the Policy Templates dialog box locate and select the Article-961112.adm file. Click Open.

Click Close in the Add/Remove Templates dialog box.

  1. Under User Configuration in Administrative Templates expand the policy node labeled Article 961112 Policy Settings. (Note: You may see this under Classic Administrative Templates in a sub-menu)

  2. Select the Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP) node to list the following policies under the Setting column in the right-pane:

RPC/HTTP Connection Flags -> Set to Enabled -> No Flags

Proxy Server Name -> Do not change

Only Connect if Proxy Server certificate has this principle name -> Do not change

Proxy authentication Setting -> Do not change

  1. Double-click each policy to configure the appropriate RPC/HTTP setting for your Outlook clients.

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[2]: [5]:
[6]: http://localhost/images/2011/03/

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