Dism++ enables users to modify Windows images before installing them, as well as providing tools to address and repair common issues like missing or corrupted files.

Before Using

DISM++ is an open source github project located @ https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/Dism-Multi-language/tree/master/www.chuyu.me but is a bit dated. The last activity on the project was February 2022, but the main site is down.

It is created by Chuyu, which is a Chinese developer and I’d recommend NOT using this tool for secure environments. In short, if you use TikTok or Discord, then is a giant nothing burger for you and use away.


Usage and Features

Disk Cleanup

Advanced cleanup of Windows updates and misc. files.

Startup Check

See what programs are starting and what programs will get installed when a new user is created.

Appx Uninstaller

Bulk uninstall Microsoft Store Apps.


Uninstalled Built-In Updates? Use the DISM++ Updates tab to scan and install new updates.

The Rest - Toolbox, Deploy, Drivers, etc.

Since this is seeing less and less updates, I wouldn’t use these tools. Microsoft is constantly updating and modifying Windows, hence using the less targeted tools is NOT Recommended.

Walkthrough Video