EOS Dallas Presentation

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Here is a recent presentation I gave at EOS Dallas. This was a brief overview of EOS Blockchain and some potential pitfalls in March of 2018


September 2018 Update:


  • ERC20 Token conversion was successful
  • Brock Pierce was removed from his advisory role at Block.One (TLDR; He was accused of assaulting minors in his employment back in 2000 at Digital Entertainment Network.)
  • Slow Development is no longer an issue because they have pushed out 3.0 shortly after this and MainNet launched at the beginning of June.
  • Decentralized apps that have launched have been phenomenal and the best in the blockchain space thus far. (ex. EOS Knights, EOS Lottery, EOS Bet, etc.)


  • MainNet ran into a critical bug at launch and was brought down briefly a couple days after launch
  • Lots of bugs, but due to their bug bounty program one person claimed 120k rewards in a week.
  • Lack of wallet diversity the top 12 wallets hold more than 50% of the ecosystems wealth
  • Performance issues due to inconsistent block producers

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