Replace Windows Search

Everything Search is faster, more efficient, and a better Windows Search. This guide shows you how to setup everything and a toolbar for quick access.


Everything Search Official Download Site:

Powershell Install:

choco install Everything


winget install voidtools.Everything

Everything Toolbar

Getting the right version of everything toolbar is important. Version 0.8+ (Currently Beta ONLY) is compatible with Windows 11 and The official everything toolbar version 0.7.4 or earlier will ONLY work with Windows 10.

Download the beta at:


winget install stnkl.EverythingToolbar.Beta

For earlier versions (Windows 10 ONLY)

Download the stable release at:

choco install everythingtoolbar


winget install stnkl.EverythingToolbar

Disable Windows Indexer

Easiest way to disable indexing and the performance hog that it is. Disable the service!

Open Run command: Right-click start button and select run

Disable the Service by stopping and disabling it

Walkthrough Video