Improve Youtube

Since its inception in 2012, the ImprovedTube extension has been enhancing the YouTube experience for users across all browsers. Now open-source, it offers a plethora of features aimed at giving you greater control over content discovery, playback, and the overall aesthetics of YouTube.

Key Features

  • Auto-Pause/Unpause: Automatically pauses and unpauses videos when switching tabs or starting a second video.
  • Custom Layouts: Introduces a “Zen Mode” for a more focused viewing experience, allowing for customization of video descriptions, transcripts, and the hiding of related videos or distractions.
  • Quality Control: Enables locking of video quality to preferred settings, and adjustment of video and player control sizes.
  • Playback Options: Offers the ability to watch channels and playlists in reverse or chronological order, among other playback enhancements.
  • User Experience: Designed with user experience in mind, the extension ensures compatibility with YouTube features without collecting user data. It operates offline, modifying views locally.
  • Performance Improvements: Addresses YouTube layout bugs and optimizes performance, saving time, CPU resources, and electricity.
  • Additional Features: Includes setting permanent playback speed, disabling autoplay for up-next videos, customizing video size to fit tabs, fixed volume settings, auto-pause when switching tabs, auto-picture-in-picture, and a distraction-free mode aimed at educators and presenters.

ImprovedTube is free to use and has garnered over 500,000 active users and nearly perfect ratings, despite YouTube’s frequent updates. Its transparent development process on GitHub sets it apart from competitors, many of which have ceased development over the years.

Discover the full capabilities of ImprovedTube by trying it out for yourself and join the many users who now find YouTube indispensable without it.

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