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Install Plex plugin in FreeNAS

 ·  ☕ 2 min read  ·  ✍️ Chris Titus

This is an in-depth installation and configuration of the Plex plugin in FreeNAS 11.2. I detail the installation of plex on FreeNAS Jail and configuration of using a share as a Plex mount point.

Plex plugin in FreeNAS Steps

  1. Install Plex Plugin
    • Under Plugins -> Availiable
  2. Set Static IP
    • Interface em0 (or your interface name), Static IP for Plex Server, and Netmask (/24 is
  3. Stop Plugin
  4. Edit Plex Jail – Mount Point – Note: This is only used if you want a share to add movies to your plex from another computer
    • Set Source Share (/mnt/sharename/) and Set Destination (I selected the media folder in the jail directory)
  5. Edit Plex Jail – Edit Confiuration
    1. Check VNET and Berkeley Packet Filter
    2. Set Default IPv4 Route to your Gateway or Router (Ex.
    3. Next
    4. Select “allow:raw_sockets”
    5. Click save in the bottom left
  6. Launch Management from Plugin Menu
  7. Name your Server
  8. Enter your Destination folder from Jail Mount Point (Ex. /media/)
  9. Finish!

Video Walkthrough

Install Plex on FreeNAS Video: freenas-ya
Note: YouTube Video - Hold Ctrl + Left Click to open in new window
Install FreeNAS Video:
Setup FreeNAS Video:

In closing, This guide will get Plex up and running on your FreeNAS without much hassle. I highly recommend this setup as ZFS is far superior to a RAID setup and makes sure that your data stays stable and reliable. Consequently, I find that my Plex server does run considerably faster in this configuration than it ever did when it was on my Windows 10 machine.

For general setup, configuration, and hardware setup, please refer to my guide @

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