Installing Arch in 2 Minutes

You can install Arch Linux in 120 seconds with my script.

One Line Command

bash <(curl -L

The Evolution of ArchTitus

The script is based on ArchTitus from several years ago that I had archived on GitHub. The project at the time was meant as an all-in-one script to install various desktop environments and configurations. As the official Arch script has become good, I didn’t see a point in my script anymore… but recently my mind changed on this. Instead of making a project that everyone uses, I made it do the things I needed and the official script didn’t do.

I now have began modifying the project to specify my configurations.

The First Change - SPEED

I install Linux a lot and most times for testing. I generally don’t care which distro I use, but find that Arch can be used the quickest with a minimal iso and a script for base install. The server option in the script installs only the base system with my configuration. No GUI elements or desktop environments and tons of crap. Just a nice simple server CLI that I can play on.

Future Changes

There are 3 additional changes that I’m working on.

  • DWM-Titus - MY DWM configuration
  • Hyprland-Titus - My Hyprland Configuration
  • KDE - My beginner friend config meant for new Linux users.

Walkthrough Video