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Why should I switch to Linux from Windows?

 ·  β˜• 2 min read  ·  ✍️ Chris Titus

This will be the first article in a series of Linux articles, I am going over 6 reasons to switch to Linux and 1 big reason not to. Many people ask β€œWhy should I switch to Linux from Windows?” and in this article below I break it down for you.


  1. It’s Free – Tons of Free software
  2. No big brother – Microsoft Telemetry reports on you!
  3. Stable – Can go months or even years before rebooting
  4. Works on anything – Pretty much any piece of hard will run Linux.
  5. Updates the way you WANT!
  6. Virus/malware resistant


  1. Windows only software
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Software Suite
    • Specific Games

Video Walkthrough

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