Linus Tech Tips Problems

With Gamers Nexus covering Linus tech tips in an unfavorable light, here is the bullet points of Problems with LTT.

LinusTechTips Issues

  • LTT Rushing Videos before they are done
  • Bad Data reporting from LTT
    • GPU Review Errors
    • CPU Cooler Test Errors
    • PSU Review Errors
    • CPU Review Errors
  • Billet Labs Review was Bad
    • Linus tried to save face by saying he was paying them, but only AFTER GamersNexus published his video.
    • Linus was unwilling to get an accurate review for $500, but he built a million dollar lab?
  • Ethics violation and favoritism with Sponsors.
    • Framework Laptop and “reviews”
    • ASUS favoritism
    • Noctua Screwdriver and reviewing their fans

GamersNexus Videos: and

Linus Response


  • Mad at Steve for doing the video
  • Big company growing fast makes mistakes
  • Billet video stays as it was a bad product. Too Expensive and niche to a 3090 that was hard to get.


LinusTechTips forum - Linus Post 08/14/2023 @

My Thoughts

LTT is a media company and most YouTubers make mistakes and have favoritism with their reviews. As LinusTechTips has grown there is a ton of bias from owning a stake in framework laptops and hiring industry people such as Gary Key for LTT Labs that used to be the Sr. Marketing Director for ASUS.

LTT Labs is silly and too much overhead for their business. They need to push out tons of videos with very little review time to continue to grow into a huge business. They need to reduce their overhead to increase the quality of their videos… NOT INCREASE IT! If they employ 120 people, they simply can’t afford to NOT publish a video or take one down. If a sponsor is paying good money to have a video published, they don’t have the luxury of NOT publishing it.

The drop in replacement ability for these big channels is messed up and they can simply revise history by changing existing videos. This can skirt responsibility and gaslight people which looks like Linus has done.

YouTube is a marketing platform and bias does exist. Reviews can never be 100% trusted by anyone. However, the best thing about YouTube is the comments and the fact the audience can call out the YouTuber and the thing I love the most is learning from my mistakes on YouTube.

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