Lunduke: The Alex Jones of Linux

What happened to Bryan Lunduke, the Linux Sucks Guy?


Bryan Lunduke originally made a series called “Linux Sucks” back in 2009 and is on-going today. It went over the various things that Linux Desktop is missing or can improve on. While it exposed some of Linux Desktop’s early flaws, it also showed a lot of Linux’s charm. For me, it was my first exposure to the thought “Wait… I can use Linux as my desktop?!?”


  • Microsoft Software Engineer - 2001-2003
  • The Linux Action Show (Jupiter Broadcasting) - 2006-2012
  • SuSE - Marketing Manager - 2013-2017 - Board Member - 2016-2018
  • Linux Journal - Deputy Editor - 2018-2019
  • The Lunduke Journal - 2017 - Present Day

2020 - The Year things changed

Lunduke to this point rarely talked politics and was hard to pin down to a singular party, but he was a resident in Portland, Oregon and COVID hit along with 100 days of riots throughout Portland. Ground zero for these riots was a ICE facility about a mile from where his family and him were living. The city fell into chaotic state where he had to pull his kids out of school and abandon everything he knew around him. You can see this be around the time you start to see a lot more political behavior online as well.

Lunduke becomes a Super Villain and/or Conservative

All his political views online swung to the right. If there was a conservative talking point you could see it on his Twitter timeline. There were a lot of hot button topics around this time from Jan. 6th to Anti-Vax and he was talking about them all to anyone who would listen. The main issue with all this is he was known as a Tech journalist. This hurt his credibility and its created a bias on some of his articles.

Lunduke Redhat Article:

The Register Redhat Article:

Why Talk about this?

Lunduke does write SOME good articles. He always has, but now they have a bias to some of them. There are still some fantastic articles written from a technical point of view like:

I Miss this version of Lunduke. These articles and videos are original and interesting points of views. While A LOT of Lunduke’s current content is political in nature, I still see glimpses of the old Lunduke that everyone loved. He is a good person that just had a shit hand dealt to him in 2020 and like many he is stuck in a political news cycle where he can’t see the forest for the trees.

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