Moving Unifi Access Point to another Unifi Controller

This walkthrough goes over moving Unifi access point to another Unifi controller. To remove APs from a Unifi Controller you need to reset the APs and then either discover them or manually SSH set-inform the devices.

First Reset the AP

  • Use Terminal or SSH (Either in existing Controller -> Manage Device -> Open Terminal or Putty)
    • Type: restore-default
    • Reset the Unifi AP by the old paperclip method if you can’t putty or use existing controller

unifi reset

Second discover device or manually set-inform

On the new controller try to discover the now factory reset APs and with any luck they will show up. However in big environments I typically can never get them to be discovered so I will show you the manual method.

Find the IP of the AP (You can easily grab this by looking at old controller OR using advanced IP Scanner. Note: match MAC address if scanning)

  • Putty into the AP (Launch Putty type IP, and Username/Password is factory ubnt/ubnt)

    • set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform
  • Adopt AP in new controller webpage

    • Type AGAIN: set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform

unifi set-inform

We are now done moving Unifi access point on to the new Controller, and as a result, will be in the device list. From here you will be able to manage it, upgrade firmware, and do all the configuration options needed.