My New Desktop Hyprland

Hyprland is an amazing desktop that feels amazing. Here is my current setup that is being made.

Please Note: This is beta and not for a beginner. You WILL encounter bugs!

The Desktop


GitHub Project:



Run as user NOT ROOT!

git clone
cd yay-bin
makepkg -si


yay -S hyprland-bin polkit-gnome ffmpeg neovim viewnior       \
rofi pavucontrol thunar starship wl-clipboard wf-recorder     \
swaybg grimblast-git ffmpegthumbnailer tumbler playerctl      \
noise-suppression-for-voice thunar-archive-plugin kitty       \
waybar-hyprland wlogout swaylock-effects sddm-git pamixer     \
nwg-look-bin nordic-theme papirus-icon-theme dunst otf-sora   \
ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-common otf-firamono-nerd inter-font    \
ttf-fantasque-nerd noto-fonts noto-fonts-emoji ttf-comfortaa  \
ttf-jetbrains-mono-nerd ttf-icomoon-feather ttf-iosevka-nerd  \

Workarounds that need to be addressed

  • Recommend archinstall with Sway as desktop for base
  • SDDM-GIT is required or you will run into shutdown bugs and delays
  • SDDM needs to be configured for autologin (recommend using swaylock on start of script for security)
  • Replace xdg-desktop-portal-wlr with xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland-git


  • Hyprland is still in beta (0.2) as of the creation of these dot files
  • Sometimes my RX5700XT goes to sleep and requires a reload, because it is stuck on black screen.

Work In Progress

  • Help Popup with Hotkey
  • Wayland guide for nwg-look, wlr-randr, etc.
  • Synergy Workaround - Looking at waynergy or just using KVM
  • Gamescope Addition - Adding more parity with Steamdeck features
  • More Customizations for Waybar - Battery, Backlight, etc.
  • Auto-configuration - Long term goal

Sources used making these

4 Hour Live Stream Attempt

Walkthrough Video