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Debloat Windows in 2022

This goes over debloating and slimming down Windows 10 and 11 so you get maximum performance from …


This article goes over WSL 1 and 2 for Feature Update 2004. This will help you know which WSL you …

Custom Vim

This article goes over customizing VIM and making a custom vim installation.

Degoogle Apps

This article goes over the apps that work and don’t work with a Degoogled phone without google …


This article goes over installing emoji support in Linux.

Doom Eternal Linux

This post is here to help guide you through setting up doom eternal on Linux.


In this article, I go over my implementation of ZSH, which is a better shell alternative to BASH.

Lcars Screensaver

This article goes over getting the LCARS screensaver by mewho working in Linux. This Screensaver was …