Pros Use Bleachbit

I still see far too many comments with people that still use CCLeaner. Bleachbit is a FAR superior product and it’s also free and open source. It won’t try to upsell you a bunch of garbage and has a great track record, unlike CCleaner which was hacked and literally installed malware on thousands of PCs.

CCleaner History

I made a whole article on the CCleaner malware issue, but the main issue today is the program adds to much bloat. From the monitoring service, to the “Optimization Service” that adds multiple processes to your system. If you want to know more about this here is my past on CCleaner.

BleachBit Overview

As a free and open source tool you simply run Bleachbit when you want to. No extra process run when you aren’t using it and it does a fantastic job on ANY system.


There is a TON of features and it deletes not only system temporary files, but also program specific temporary files like those stored from Discord or your web browser.

Is a program missing that you want cleaned? Chances are the community made a special XML file to clean it @

Walkthrough Video