Recovering Deleted Windows Boot Partition

Is your Windows boot partition missing? This guide fixes it!


Partitioning the Drive

This is meant for a GPT Drive using EFI boot on a modern Windows. If you computer is less than 5 years old, this is probably how your system is setup. If you are using an old system it might be DOS/MBR based and this guide is NOT to be used!

From Gparted in Linux create a FAT32 partition at least 300 MB in size with the boot flag.


Copy Boot Files from Windows ISO

Boot into your Windows ISO you downloaded above and press Shift + F10 to pull up command prompt

Run the utility DISKPART

  • list vol - list volumes and make note of what they are called
  • select partition # - select the new EFI Partition you created in Gparted
  • assign letter g: - pick something that is NOT C:
  • exit - exit the program

Note: If you have problems your main partition with the installed windows is probably not assigned as C: and just follow the steps above to assign it letter C:

Create the Boot files on the new EFI partition with bcdboot

bcdboot c:\Windows /s g: /f ALL

Once this is done you can check to see if Windows will detect your boot partition with this command:

bootrec /scanos

Walkthrough Video