How to Setup FreeNAS 11

This article goes over how to setup FreeNAS 11 and configure it. These are the basic steps so you can have a reliable network storage at your house.

Steps to setup FreeNAS 11

  1. Download FreeNAS stable from
  2. Create Thumb drive from iso and Win32DiskImager
    • Note: DO NOT use Rufus or Yumi as these won’t create a bootable thumb drive
  3. Install and Follow the Prompts
  4. Set Static IP
  5. Reboot
  6. Login to Web Interface with IP from Step 4
  7. Set up Storage Pool
  8. Assign SMB Share
    • Make sure allow guest access  is checked
  9. Configure SMB Share Service
    • Auto-Start and Enabled
    • Configure Guest user to be root
  10. Test!

Installation Video Walkthrough

Install FreeNAS Video:

Setup FreeNAS Video:

This will get you set up for a reliable network-attached storage in your home environment. Remember once you are finished to clone and image the USB FreeNAS drive. These USB Drives typically only last a couple years, so a backup is a must! In the end, FreeNAS is far more reliable than other commercial NAS products because of ZFS and its versatility.

For further configuration, I highly recommend checking out the FreeNAS wiki for using some of its more advanced features.