Snipping Tool Removed by Microsoft in October 2018 Update 1809

The Snipping Tool is being removed by Microsoft in October 2018 Update 1809 and I am not happy! This tool is one of the best tools Microsoft has ever created, so why? Well, they want you to use the Snip and Sketch App from the Microsoft Store. Spoiler: It sucks.

Greenshot the best Snipping Tool Replacement

So what should you use? Greenshot. Its freeware and it just works. Not bulky with a toolbar, but adds a tray icon, which you don’t have to use. You can just press print screen and away you go.

Download it from there website here:

Microsoft Snip and Sketch Replacement

Currently, this is labeled as Screen Sketch, however, this is changing to Snip and Sketch App in the next update. Here is the preview of the upcoming disaster for Microsoft their predictably bad moves on forcing their tragic app store on us. Here is today’s download image of the app prior to the upcoming update that sunsets our beloved Snipping Tool.



With Snipping Tool gone, you might as well get used to something new, and Greenshot is a great freeware that has been around for 4 years. In the short week or so that I have been using this, I have grown to love it more than the old Snipping Tool. The features give me more options, but with its polish, I am much more efficient than I ever was.