The Teamviewer Scam

This keeps getting worse… removal of lifetime memberships, subscriptions for everything, and now predatory tactics to force it’s users to keep paying by removing cancellations of the subscriptions.

Still the most used Remote Software?

Teamviewer rose to the #1 spot after logmein stopped offering a free tier. In the beginning it was a great piece of software and even offered a lifetime membership. You pay for it once and have it forever. The free tier was also really nice in a pinch you could load up their software and easily remote in to any PC. To this day, it is one of the most used remote software applications on the market.

The Downfall

On June 1st, 2021 Teamviewer stopped supporting Teamviewr 9 & 10 versions that had the last of the lifetime subscriptions. This forced anyone that bought these “lifetime” licenses to purchase a subscription or move to a different product. However, something else happened behind the scenes that has NOT been talked about. The Lock in and predatory behaviors were being escalated to force people to continue paying them far beyond their intended expiration date.

The Scam

Behind the scenes, Teamviewer has removed the ability to CANCEL any subscriptions. This used to not be the case, but you have to create a support ticket to cancel is the official text on their site.

Finding the support ticket creation is difficult and hidden through a sister site with a DIFFERENT login.

Use this website:

If you do NOT cancel within 28 days of the renewal you WILL BE CHARGED for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Ticket answer time? 7-10 DAYS!

Need to talk with someone now? Call their phone number at +1-800-638-0253 Use option 4 and then Option 3 to Cancel

Walkthrough Video