The Ultimate Powershell Experience

This PowerShell profile script introduces a comprehensive set of functions and aliases aimed at enhancing the PowerShell experience. It includes everything from module management and profile updates to utility functions and quality of life improvements.

GitHub Project:

Key Features

  • Module Management: Automatically installs the Terminal-Icons module if not present and imports it along with the Chocolatey profile if available.

  • Profile Updates: Includes a function Update-Profile to check for and apply updates to the PowerShell profile script from a specified URL.

  • PowerShell Updates: A function Update-PowerShell checks for and installs the latest PowerShell version using winget.

  • Admin Check and Prompt Customization: Adjusts the prompt based on whether the user has administrator privileges and customizes the window title accordingly.

  • Utility Functions: A collection of utility functions such as Test-CommandExists, Edit-Profile, Get-PubIP, uptime, reload-profile, unzip, hb (for uploading documents), grep, df, sed, which, export, pkill, pgrep, head, and tail.

  • Quick File and Directory Management: Functions for creating new files (nf), and making and changing directories (mkcd).

  • Quality of Life Aliases: Includes shortcuts for navigation (docs, dtop), editing the profile (ep), process management (k9), enhanced listing (la, ll), Git shortcuts (gs, ga, gc, gp, g, gcom, lazyg), system information (sysinfo), networking utilities (flushdns), and clipboard utilities (cpy, pst).

  • Enhanced PowerShell Experience: Sets PSReadLine options for color coding and initializes oh-my-posh with a specified theme for a better visual experience.


This PowerShell profile script is designed to streamline and enhance the PowerShell user experience, incorporating a wide range of functions and aliases that cater to various needs from system administration to development tasks.

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