VPN Tier List 2024

Did you know most VPNs are owned by only a few companies? Those companies can even sell your data on top of charging you a subscription fee.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the best VPNs for 2024.

Why Use a VPN?

If you are looking for privacy or an encrypted connection on the go, setting up a wireguard or openvpn server is a great way to do that. This established a secure connection to your home network and helps block attacks that could happen on the host network providing you internet in a hotel, coffee shop, or other public setting. Setting these up are free and the best way to protect your privacy while helping your maintain a secure connection.

The next use case for a VPN is torrenting or streaming media from another country (geo-unlock). All VPNs generally are advertised as being able to do this, but make sure the VPN does not LOG any user activities and has servers in the country you want to watch streaming from.

Corporate VPNs and the Big Tech Companies

Kape Technology

  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Private Internet Access
  • Intego Privacy Protection

Ziff Davis

  • IPVanish
  • StrongVPN
  • Encrypt.me
  • SaferVPN
  • Perimeter 81
  • FastVPN
  • Internet Shield VPN by VIPRE
  • SpeedtestVPN
  • netDNA

Nord Security

  • NordVPN
  • NordLayer
  • Surfshark VPN

I could go on, but these are the heavy hitters in the market. Most other VPN conglomerates own 5-10 different VPN brands each.

The Best VPNs

These are independent VPNs that are owned by a single company and outside the 14-eyes countries. Mullvad is hosted in Sweden which doesn’t have laws to intercept traffic. Likewise, ProtonVPN is hosted in Switzerland which also doesn’t have these laws.

Final Tier List


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