Windows 24h2

Here is a list of all the features in Windows 24H2.

Windows 24H2 Update Highlights

Microsoft Copilot Enhancements

  • Positioning: Copilot button moved to the far right corner of the Taskbar for easier access.
  • New Commands: Users can now ask Copilot for:
    • Wireless networks, system/device/battery information
    • Storage cleaning, emptying recycle bin, toggling battery saver
    • Startup apps, IP address, turning on accessibility features (narrator, voice access, magnifier, high-contrast, voice typing, live captions)
  • Animations: New animations indicate Copilot assistance for copied text or images.
  • Settings: A dedicated “Copilot in Windows” setting for UI customization and plugin configuration.
  • Interface: Copilot interface can now be undocked and resized.

File Explorer Improvements

  • Archiving: Support for creating 7zip and TAR files.
  • PNG Metadata: Enhanced viewing and editing capabilities.

Quick Settings Panel Updates

  • Pagination: Scroll through all quick settings.
  • Wi-Fi & VPN: Refresh button for Wi-Fi list and improved VPN UI.
  • Live Captions: Easier access with a single click.
  • Performance: Faster opening times.
  • Manage Mobile Devices App: New app for basic phone-PC linking functionalities.
  • Phone Link App: Remains for syncing text messages and notifications.

Energy Saver Mode

  • Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption and system performance.
  • Desktop Icon: Energy-saver indicator for desktop PCs.

Sudo for Windows

  • Command Line: Elevated process execution with various configuration options.

Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Unified Client: Merges Teams for work, school, and personal use.

General Improvements

  • Installation Interface: Modernized offline installation interface.
  • Driver Installation: New button during Wi-Fi setup for driver installation.
  • App Removals: Cortana, Mail, Calendar, Maps, People, Movies & TV, and WordPad removed from default installation.
  • Taskbar and Printing Enhancements: Wi-Fi icon animation, new Task Manager icon, and Windows protected print mode.
  • USB80Gbps Support: For new hardware with the updated USB4 standard.


Here is the best alternative for ANY version of Windows right now. While Sudo is nice in the future, updating to 24H2 is NOT RECOMMENDED! Use this instead:


Direct Install:

winget install gerardog.gsudo

24H2 Livestream

Walkthrough Video