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Raid Re-syncing Windows software raid

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I want to preface this article in saying that I would never use a software raid in a business environment. However, recently I tried the windows software raid on a home theater PC. We recently had a power issue and caused the RAID 1 to go into resyncing status. Since it was about 2 TB of data, the resync would take several days and be causing performance issues. I found I could not break the raid or remove the mirror.

The following solutions are how you’d fix the issue:


Solution One:

  1. Open up Disk management (Start -> Run -> Type diskmgmt.msc)
  2. Right click disk to remove from Raid and select Offline (Click on Disk to left not the graphic on right)
  3. Reboot PC
  4. Open Disk management back up, select disk, and put online.
  5. Immediately after, Right click graphic and select remove Mirror.

Solution Two:

  1. Physically unplug one of the disks
  2. Open Disk Management
  3. Remove Mirror

In closing, this will get rid of your raid and give you the ability to repurpose these disks as you see fit. In the above experience, I still had my data on both disks so I just formatted one and repurposed it for other functions.

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