Windows Store not loading (On Domain)

After joining my computer to the domain windows store would not load. I first had to re-enable UAC because of a GPO and that fixed launching the metro apps. I was still having the issue with Windows Store not loading and this fixed it.


First, if you’re getting shut out of the store (“Can’t connect to the Store right now” kind of messages) & on a corporate, managed machine (you’ll see ‘Managed by your system administrator’ in Windows Update) – plus getting stuff like this in event viewer:

Fault bucket -1485561316, type 5
Event Name: WindowsUpdateFailure2



Either copy/paste that text into a text file, save it as storefix.reg & run it, or navigate to that tree & change the DWORD from 1 to 0. Next, go into services.msc & restart the Windows Update service.