Windows Utility Improved

The Chris Titus Tech WinUtil is now the #2 Most Popular Powershell utility in the World on GitHub.

What does it do?

It has 5 main tabs:

  • Program Installation - Check all the programs you want and click install in one go.
  • Tweaks - Disable Telemetry and cut down on running background services.
  • Config - Configure your system and launch legacy Win7 Control Panels.
  • Updates - Change Windows Update to only use Security Updates or Disable them altogether.
  • MicroWin - Create a minimal ISO to Install Windows.

How to Run it?

Launch Terminal(Admin) by right clicking Start Button

Type this command in to launch the toolbox

irm | iex

Want an EXE? Help fund the project:

NOTE: This exe is a wrapper for the command above. No purchase is needed to run the script!

Improvements in 2024

  • Import and Export Commands
    • iex "& { $(irm } -Config [path-to-your-config] -Run"
  • Improved UI
  • Winget Installer uses 3 methods to install apps, System Scope, User Scope, and Unelevated.
  • Get Classic Right-Click Menu
  • Edge Removal
  • Co-Pilot Removal

Development Enhancements

  • Fixed Unit Tests
  • Modular
    • Config Folder (All tweaks are in JSON format in their own file. applications.json, tweaks.json, feature.json, etc.)
    • Function Folder (All functions are independent: private functions are not in GUI and public functions are in GUI)
    • lint, logs, pester, releases are all github related actions and for debugging.
    • scripts Folder is for the main section setting up runspaces and launching GUI.
    • xaml folder is for the GUI.

Walkthrough Video