Windows Utility Update

A big update with about 50 commits has made it to the May 2023 Windows Utility Update.

The Big Changes

  • Import/Export Command
  • Winget upgrades and selection of already installed programs
  • Tweaks checker (still early days, but improving)
  • Added Desktop Shortcut for running Winutil

Summary of ALL commits


  • Update to GUI (InputXML)
  • Fix Dark Mode
  • Tweaks.json Update (Services restoring to factory)
  • Fix Hovertime (annoying instant pop-up is removed)
  • Fix IRPStackSize (minor networking tweak)
  • O&O Shutup shortcut fix (was failing to apply tweaks)
  • More runspace tweaks from Durp (better performance and faster)
  • Added Toggle for Calendar/Notification Center
  • Updated Edge Removal
  • Program Additions
    • WinRAR
    • Ubisoft Connect
    • Neovim
    • Node Version Manager
    • Geforce NOW
  • Preload winget with already installed tweaks/programs
  • Split AllowGameDVR to make sure xbox game bar does NOT break
  • Removed Atom IDE from Programs due to it being sunset
  • Fixed OriginalType from stock Windows installs to always restore to Microsoft preset Services

Walkthrough Video