Worst Tech of 2022

Last year I did the top 5 worst devices in 2021, lets go over the worst technology that hurts all of us daily for 2022.


This year I’ve done 3 videos going over my smartphone addiction (which was less than the average person at 1 hour of usage a day) and how I fixed it. It is alarming to me that my addiction, which I considered bad, was still 1/3 of the average person. It is ALARMING that we still consider these devices good. There are aspects of them which do help, but a vast majority of our interactions have a negative effect on our lives. See the journey @ https://youtu.be/tzbKqTRuRzU

What did I gain from “ditching” a smart phone?

  • 3x more productivity
  • Mindfulness: Less Anxiety, More at Rest, and no longer overwhelmed

What did I lose?

  • No news on the toilet
  • Email on the go
  • Music while working out
  • Workout apps
  • Food apps
  • Social Media
  • Uber

There are things above that many consider essential. However, as a business owner and an employee I have found none of them are. I did miss them, and as such decided to recreate my smart phone. I took a base Pixel 4a and stripped it down to the bare minimum and ONLY installed the essential apps that would not distract me or come with a negative side-effect. See “Make the Perfect Phone”.

Social Media

Shocking, I know… It’s bad for us. Welcome to 5 years ago! YouTube has become a substantial amount of my revenue. This makes it hard for me to just quit, but I always hate a good excuse. “You either do or do not!” - Yoda

I’m not going to bore you with a 10 minute lecture about social media making us compare each other, making us materialistic, worried about others opinions, and the laundry list of other terrible things tearing the fabric of our society apart. I stole that last bit from Chamath Palihapitiya (One of the people responsible for the rise of Facebook).

So is all Social Media bad? Nope. YouTube can be a great thing and I’ve learned impossible things at amazing speed because of it. The correct question is… Is Social Media algorithms bad? Absolutely! They are designed to take up as much of our time and show us a bunch of garbage that is interesting but often isn’t educational. My solution? RSS. Check out my post on fixing the internet: https://christitus.com/why-we-dont-browse-the-internet-anymore/

The Future

If we do nothing we will become slaves to our technology and allow corporations to use and abuse us. Or we can seek solutions and identify bad habits that negatively effect us. We use all the opportunity and technology in a constructive way that makes us damn near superhuman. The choice is ours.

Walkthrough Video