Zoxide is an enhanced version of the traditional cd command, drawing inspiration from tools like z and autojump. It’s designed to make navigating your filesystem faster and more intuitive by learning your habits. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, allowing you to “jump” to your most frequently used directories with minimal input.

Key Features

  • Smart Directory Jumping: Navigate to your most used directories with just a few keystrokes.
  • Cross-Shell Compatibility: Works seamlessly across all major shells.
  • Interactive Selection: Use zi for interactive directory selection with fzf.
  • Easy Installation: Simple setup process across various platforms.

Getting Started

Basic Commands

  • z foo: Jump to the highest-ranked directory matching foo.
  • z ~/foo: Works just like cd, allowing navigation to absolute paths.
  • z ..: Move up one directory level.
  • z -: Return to the previous directory.

Installation Steps

  1. Install Zoxide: Available for Linux, macOS, Windows, BSD, and Android.
  • All operating systems have zoxide in default repositories and can be installed by using the zoxide package
  1. Shell Integration: Easily integrate zoxide into your preferred shell (Bash, Fish, Zsh, and more).
  2. Optional fzf Integration: For enhanced interactive selection, install fzf (v0.33.0+).


Customize zoxide with various flags and environment variables:

  • Command Prefix: Change the default z and zi commands with --cmd.
  • Hooks: Adjust the frequency of directory score updates with --hook.
  • Data Directory: Specify the database location with _ZO_DATA_DIR.
  • Exclude Directories: Use _ZO_EXCLUDE_DIRS to exclude directories from zoxide’s database.


Zoxide integrates with a wide range of applications, from file managers like lf and ranger to text editors like vim and emacs, enhancing your workflow across tools.

Github: https://github.com/ajeetdsouza/zoxide

Walkthrough Video