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In this article, I go over my implementation of ZSH, which is a better shell alternative to BASH.

Why ZSH?

ZSH is an amazing shell that just makes everything a bit easier from auto suggestions, completing tasks you do regularly considerably faster.

Before you Begin: Dependencies

I built a resource for those starting out with my Github @ and will be using many files from the project.

Packages needed before you start:

  • zsh - ZSH Shell
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting - syntax highlighting for ZSH in standard repos
  • autojump - jump to directories with j or jc for child or jo to open in file manager
  • zsh-autosuggestions - Suggestions based on your history

Initial Setup of ZSH

wget -O ~/.zshrc
mkdir -p "$HOME/.zsh"
wget -O ~/.zsh/aliasrc
git clone "$HOME/.zsh/pure"

Complete Switch from BASH to ZSH

sudo nano /etc/passwd

ZSH Switch

Then change the your user at the end from /bin/bash to /bin/zsh

Video Walkthrough

zsh guide
Note: YouTube Video - Hold Ctrl + Left Click to open in new window

I live stream on Twitch and encourage you to drop in and ask a question. I regularly publish on YouTube and, but if you need immediate assistance, check out the Terminal Cafe with Discord Invite Link.

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